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Paper Furniture for Kids -mushroomstool-

Product Detail Information

Mushroom stool, colorful cute kid-stool

Anybody can use it at any place
When they read books, they can use it as a chair, when they have a birthday party, they can use it as a nice stool, when they play to snatch a chair, they can use it as a toy. As it is light and easy to make, children can carry easily.

Why don't you choose anything freely?
Cute mushroom stools wear various colorful clothes resembling mushrooms in the forest. Diverse and unique patterns of mushroom stools including striped, flower and spotted patterns make us fall in the present agony. Please expect the endless changes of paper products.

Mushroom stool is easy to make and safe
As children make the mushroom stool by inserting pieces in the furrows without scissors, knifes and glues, they can make it easily. As it is designed to support children's weight, they can use it safely.

Detail Info.


Size 270 x 270 x 228mm
Weight 0.57Kg
Colors Plain, Honey Bee, Mint Stripe, Pink Flower

Packing Information

  Unit Box
Size 575X575X24mm 605X605X275mm
Weight 1.25Kg 13Kg