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Paper Furniture for Kids -papaclock-

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Papaclock, customizable grandfather clock that you can choose the design

Can we make a grandfather clock with paper?
We make a grandfather clock that will change the house luxuriously using tri-wall corrugated paper not wood. The height is the same as the existing clock made of wood with 2m but the weight is lighter than that. And it is easy to carrry.

You can choose what you want
We extended the range of selection so that you can choose the components such as head, body, design, function and size composing a randfather clock. You can choose clocks from the typical antique style to the modern style and clocks with pendulums or without pendulums designed like CD rack or shelves meeting your taste.

Detail Info.

610 x 250 x 1970mm
24 x 9.8 x 77.5inch
750 x 130 x 1400mm
29.5 x 5.1 x 55.1inch