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Paperhouse (Basic)

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Paperhouse which is more durable than wood

My first house

Do you know that children can have emotional stability and promote self-confidence when they play and think creatively in an intimate eye-level space? The door of paper house signifies disconnectionfrom outside world,butthe window signifies communication with others.Therefore, children can have great fun, if you play peekaboo by opening and closing window,while playing in the play house.

House which is more durable than wood

Do you have experience that a paper house is collapsed in a day by the unpredictable acts of scampering and brave children? In order to let children play as much as they like, we would like to letthem have their first house which is as solid and safe as wood.
In the durability test after display for 3 months, we found out that the paper house is solid and durableto withstandchildren’s severe playing behavior.


Paper House-Basic (Big)



Weight 10Kg

Packing Information

  Unit Box
Size 1160X1005X135mm 1160X1005X135mm
Weight 16Kg 16Kg

Paper House-Basic (Small)


Size 666X843X778mm
Weight 4.2Kg

Packing Information

  Unit Box
Size 925X810X95mm 925X810X95mm
Weight 8Kg 8Kg