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Playhouse, creative and various spaces

Through positive and creative plays, kids can learn about space.

The existing similar products provide a simple function as a toy house, while,to stay in a play house indicates that children are in the paper housetogether with proper characteristics of spacesuch as space size, structure and lights responding to the atmosphere. Play house provides children with toys and play grounds to lead their various actions related to spatial perception to actual plays.

As for the walls standing at various angles instead of vertical standing on floor of cardboard andthe openings with different sizes and heights,the floorcan be converted to wall,the wall to roof andthe roof to floor as they like. Thus,children can enjoy unexpected shapes and various spaces naturally.

Architects mom and dad expect their children to play, learn and imagine freely in the boundless space.


Play House (Big)

Size 910X1107X1105mm
Weight 11Kg

Packing Information

  Unit Box
Size 1370X1120X135mm 1370X1120X135mm
Weight 24Kg 24Kg

Play House (Small)


Size 820X950X995mm
Weight 6Kg

Packing Information

  Unit Box
Size 1285X1000X95mm 1285X1000X95mm
Weight 11.5Kg 11.5Kg