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Amber Desk Chair Set

Product Detail Information

Amber desk&chair set, character paper furniture

Robocar Poli meets with paper furniture!

We launched a set of amber desk & chair which contains full features of 'amber', a popular character among girl children. Children, who are not used to sitting patiently on chair, are eager to read books when they are seated on the amber chair with desk. Children, who are picky about food, will eat well without complaining when environment is changed. Provide them with interesting environment.

You can use it as black board.

Even graffiti by a board marker on the surface of poli house can be wiped out easily with a tissue or a wet tissue. Use it as furniture and a board, on which children can draw anything as much as they like. Graffiti can be substantially reduced.



Size Desk 545X475X608
Chair 495X335X336
Weight 4.8Kg

Packing Information

  Unit Box
Size 835X580X80mm 855X600X350mm
Weight 5.5Kg 27Kg