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Paper House (Cafe)

Product Detail Information

Paperhouse which is more durable than wood

Paper House which is applicable in various way

Paper house cafe is perfect for playing with toys or role playsbecause it is equipped with shelves to store toys and small tablesoutside the house.
Enjoy playing with your children!

Do you feel unsafe because the paper house is made of paper?

As the paper house is manufactured with 1.5cm thick and solid corrugated cardboard, it is durable enough. Because the humidity resistant corrugated cardboard is durable, it has been used to pack heavy and expensive products. When the corrugated layers are being stuck together with glue, environment-friendly potato starch is used instead of chemical glue, which is harmless to human body.


Paper House-Cafe (Big)

Size 822X1070X983mm
Weight 10Kg

Packing Information

  Unit Box
Size 995X860X145mm 995X860X145mm
Weight 16Kg 16Kg

Paper House-Cafe (Small)


Size 623X810X826mm
Weight 5.6Kg

Packing Information

  Unit Box
Size 890X765X105mm 890X765X105mm
Weight 10.2Kg 10.2Kg