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Penguin Bookboard, The most safe gift for children

Is there any board for children who can use safely?

The wood board is too big and heavy to hang on the wall or to nail with a hammer. Sometimes, it is too heavy to use on the wall safely as it may drop on the floor. For these reasons, magnetic boards are left on the floor or left leaning against a book case. We think it is very unsafe when we see the children running around the board.

After result of much thoughtful consideration, light and safe Penguin Bookboard was developed.

Penguin Bookboard = Magnetic white board + Book case on the front

Penguin Bookboard combines magnetic white board and book case on the front which is designed with a motif of cute penguin. This is a must have item because the magnetic board is essential for children to learn the Hangeul and numbers and book case on the front helps children with poor Hangeul skills to select book by looking at the book covers. One Penguin book board can solve these two functions at once.

The shelf of book case is wide enough to hold a number of books. The magnetic board is so big that two children can use. Don’t you think that sisters or brothers can study peacefully without fights?

Penguin Bookboard is made of eco-friendly corrugated cardboards. Moreover, corn starch is used as an adhesive which is safe for kids with atopic dermatitis.

Information on the white board which is attached on the Penguin Bookboard

The steel board of the white board is manufactured in alliance with Posco which is proud of its excellent quality of steel in Korea. Also it has very light lines with 5 cm intervals which help with letter writing or drawing.

Magnetic white board may be used as a blackboard because the special steel with white dye was baked at a high temperature of 150℃ and spray-coated. Maker pen can be erased rapidly and the board is kept white for a long time.

The size of magnetic white board of Penguin Bookboard is 80 X 50cm.

1070 x 480 x 800mm / 42.1 x 18.9 x 31.5 inch
800 x 500 x 135mm / 31.5 x 19.7 x 5.3 inch
1090 x 821 x 85mm / 42.9 x 32.3 x 3.3 inch
7.5kg / 16.5 lb