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Greengaia Co., Ltd. Was established in 2010 and has expertise in making cardboard furnitures and toys for both children and adults.  We make products that make our customers happy and smile.  Our products are light and strong as they are made from cardboard.  As we use high quality card board it is safe and also environment-friendly.  Lately, we launched a new design products under the brand name of Structur.  Structure has high end design props such as lamps and stools which are made from cardboard and other high quality materials.        


Apr. - Coex Paper Footprints

May. - Displayed in Lotte Gallery, ?FUNNY PAPER?
Apr. - Participated in the exhibition for Big Market in Fukuoka and G-Fair in Tokyo
Mar. - Participated in the exhibition for Dinosaur World Expo in Gyeongnam Goseong

Dec. - Displayed in Meritz 'Worry doll Gallery'
Nov. - Displayed in the exhibition for Green&Sharing
Aug. - Displayed in the exhibition for Naver App-square
Apr. - Designated by KITA(The Korea International Trade Association) in the 'New Exporters 300 of 2011'
Mar. - Appointed as a Gyeonggi Internet Trade Frontier Business

July 2010 Displayed in Yesong Gallery
July 2010 Participated in Seoul Character, Licensing Fair
May 2010 Displayed in Keumho Gallery

Dec. 2009 Registered trademark of FUNNY PAPER
Nov. 2009 Obtained certification of venture business
Oct. 2009 Participated in Design Olympic
Sept. 2009 Exclusive display in congressman's office building


How would the world made of paper be?
This is a design research institute with some designers that started to share idea and consider products seriously.

Flapping of wings toward bright future through eco design
We design strong furniture and living props used in daily life adding fun through products made of paper that is environment-friendly and familiar and that everybody can make easily.

Fancy world and my friend, eco, created by paper
Characters in comics and games that ventured and travelled are created with paper again. We develop character products in cooperation with animation and game companies to make children get used to environment-friendly products.

Where is the limitation of corrugated paper?
Various structures and exhibition booths using corrugated paper like plywood and paper pipe show unlimited possibility. When it is torn down, it can be reused 100% and make environment-friendly exhibitions instead of wood.

Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameGREEN GAIA Co., Ltd.
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2010
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsFrance,U. Kingdom,Hong Kong(China),Japan,Malaysia,Singapore,Taiwan
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentJaewon Kang
  • Phone+82-70-8864-6182
  • FAX+82-31-975-6182
  • Address21, Songsan-ro, 515 beon-gil, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 411-809, Republic of Korea
  • Product Category Furniture & Furnishings
    Furniture & Furnishings > Furniture Accessories
    Home & Garden > Baby Supplies & Products > Strollers, Walkers & Carriers

Additional Introduction

GREENGAIA, under the brand name of Funny Paper, designs and produces paper furniture and paper craft made of corrugated cardboard. Children can easily assemble them.

A large number of countries are gradually interested in our eco-friendly goods because corrugated cardboard which is made of recycled paper produces a wide range of paper furniture and worn-out paper furniture can be recycled.

Paper furniture is not only light but also easy and safe for kids to assemble and use. And it is lasting of quality because our paper furniture is solidly made.

Paper furniture and paper craft also can be used as an art material at kindergartens and schools as it is eco-friendly and educationally good for children.


Funny Play tools made by children and parents

How about sparing your time to create the easy-to-make furniture with your children? Your family can build more love as you father, mother, and all of your children gather together, making furniture and drawing fun pictures on the paper furniture.


Safe Furniture built through careful deliberate consideration

For the safety issue, paper furniture of Funny Paper is made of the safe and reliable corrugated cardboard. It has been approved by the hard and thorough paper composition tests and subsequently proved to be heavy metal free such as a lead or mercury. As the furniture is made of a twofold-reinforced corrugated cardboard, it is also safe enough for adults to use.


Paper furniture that teaches children space awareness and structure

Paper furniture of Funny Paper can be assembled without scissors, knifes and glues. Every piece is connected with furrows, so it is easy for children to assemble pieces and helps them understand the meaning of “space” and “structure” as they engage in the process of assembling paper pieces. 


Paper furniture that raises the sense of creativity and expression

Children can have more creativity and expression by assembling paper furniture and drawing pictures. It can help children express their creative personality more fully.


Eco-friendly paper furniture

All of paper furniture are made of recycled paper and can be reused hundred percent. You can throw away old or torn paper furniture into the recycling bin. It will be born again into recycled paper.

Factory Information

  • Green Gaia21, Songsan-ro 515beon-gil, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea